Return Forms

  1. An architect shall be required to submit return forms within a period of not more than two weeks from the date of submitting drawings to the approving/local authority.
  2. Upon submission of the return forms and upon approval of the architect’s work by the approving/local authority, the supervising architect shall be entitled to a sticker that will be displayed on the sign board for purposes of legality as regards both the construction site and work.
  3. The sticker plate shall contain the following: -
    1. The Logo and name of the Board
    2. QR code,
    3. Security feature,
    4. Reference number.
  4. The architect shall be required to pay a fee for the sticker as specified in the schedule below:
 1.    Initial Charge for up to 200 square meters (m2)     UGX 200,000
 2.    Every additional square meter   UGX 1,000
 3.    Maximum charge for very large projects   UGX 1,000,000