Annual subscription fee.

The annual subscription fees shall be determined by the board, from time to time, and shall be due and payable to the secretary.

Note: The board may strike off the name of an architect from the register if the annual subscription fee remains unpaid by that architect for a period exceeding four months from the time it is due.

Application Forms UGX 10,000 UGX 10,000 UGX 10,000 
Application for Registration  UGX 50,000 UGX 500,000  UGX 1,000,000 
Registration UGX 200,000 UGX 200,000 UGX 500,000
Gazette Fees UGX 300,000  UGX 300,000  Not Applicable
Practicing Certificate  UGX 300,000  UGX 300,000  UGX 300,000 
Annual Subscription (current year)  UGX 585,000  UGX 585,000  USD 5,000
Office Inspection  UGX 100,000  UGX 100,000  Not Applicable 
Certification of ARB Documents  UGX 5,000  UGX 5,000  UGX 5,000 
Design Competition Guidelines UGX 100,000  UGX 100,000  UGX 100,000