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Disciplinary Committee

Disciplinary Committee


Unlike other committees of the Board, the Disciplinary Committee is a Statutory Committee enshrined in the Architects Registration Act, Sections 15-21 and operates in accordance with the First Schedule of the Act. Its decisions can only be overturned by the High Court of Uganda.


Disciplinary Committe Members


Arch. Verna Mbabazi Mwinganisa   Chairperson
Arch. Sendi Kajumba Stephen   Secretary
Arch. Anguyo Luke   Member
Dr. Mindra Rachel K.   Member
 Adv. Kyarimpa Olive   Member

Mandate of the Committee

The Committee is mandated by law to:

a.       Handle complaints and allegations against Architects brought up by the Board or any member of the fraternity or the public.

b.       Enforce the Code of Professional Ethics

c.       Conduct disciplinary hearings and inquiries as provided for by the Act.

d.       Make a report to the Board of any disciplinary actions taken and any other matters pertinent to the same.


Report on Disciplinary Committee (DC) Activities 2019

The committee has held five (5) meetings to fulfil its obligations as per the work plan set out at the beginning of the year. Committee members received a refresher training from the Board lawyer to give members the skills required to successfully carry out disciplinary hearings and other standard court procedures as per Schedule 1 of the Act. The DC draws its business and operations this year from reports from local authorities, complaints from the fraternity and the public concerning quacks, stampers and from the activities of the inspector.


 Cases Handled by the DC.

A number of cases were handled last year 2019 as specified below:

·   1 case regarding flaunting of the Code of conduct regarding on site signboards

·   3 cases regarding signing on drawings/plans not prepared by the respondent Architect

·   30 cases on failing to return forms filed at the local authority.

·   The case on supplanting wasn’t concluded last year.

8 decisions have been made where the architects were found guilty of the offences as charged and they have been fined. In respect to the other 4 cases, investigations are still ongoing for the other cases.

The Board commends those that acknowledged their offence, and paid their fines, and did not waste the time and resources of the DC.

The DC has jurisdiction over architects only and not over members of the public. However, any member of the fraternity or the public can make a complaint at the registrar’s office and online. Such cases involving actions by members of the public are referred to the police by the Board or directly by a complainant because they constitute criminal offences under the Act.



Disciplinary Committee Reports

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