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Finance And Administration Committee

Finance And Administration Committee

Members of the Finance and Administration Committee



Arch Amunisimiire Kenneth

Chair person


Arch Turyahabwe Richard



Mandate of the F/A Committee

The primary functions of the F/A Committee were formulated by the 11th Board as follows:

a.      Regularly monitor the Board’s overall financial operations and the bank account

b.      Review and recommend for approval the annual budget

c.      Review monthly financial performance against the budget

d.      Oversee that timely and accurate financial information is presented at every Board meeting

e.      Ensure that the annual audit is carried out and accurately reflects the financial position of the Board

f.       Communicate with and advise the Board on the Board’s financial condition

g.      Address human resources issues including but not limited to grievances, employee recruitment processes, performance and conduct reviews and feedback, etc.

h.      Propose and continuously improve systems for the efficient operation of the secretariat including but not limited to; the status of the Board premises, website updates and management, communications to fraternity and the public, filing and records. 

Revenue and Expenditure Management


The F/A Committee routinely and continuously monitored cash flows in and out of the Board account held at Standard Chartered Bank, Speke Road Branch. With the end of tenure of the 11th Board, the 11th Board had to nominate new signatories to the account and they include: Arch Robert Henry Kiggundu, Arch Amunisimiire Kenneth and President Golooba Edward Kayiso with an account mandate of any two to sign.

The Board continues to earn mainly from historical sources of income; i.e. annual subscription, annual practicing certificates, registration fees and this year we also earned from office Inspections. This year the Board obtained added revenue from project license plate fees, and the Ministry, MoLHUD – hosted us at the Urban Expo exhibition held in Jinja from 5th September-9th of September, 2018 which is much appreciated. As another external revenue source, the Board obtained sponsorship for its annual CPD event‘Kampala Capital City Authority. 

The 11th Board has endeavoured to find other sources of revenue to support the mainstream resources highlighted above by printing out legislation and selling it to the public.

The 11th Board has endeavoured to make its presence felt beyond Kampala, however, there is still an insufficient stream of revenue for the Board to carry out its national level mandate as assigned by law. It is however anticipated that with the gazetting of the project license plate bye-law, this situation will vastly improve, with revenue coming in per project, as opposed to per architect. The F/A committee and secretariat has therefore made a lot of effort to follow up on the approval and signing of the Project Licence Plate bye- law. This bye law has been assented to and approved by the Minister – MOLHUD. We await its gazetting. This is a commendable achievement of the 11th Board and its secretariat.

This year the Board approved a budget to conduct a police operation to curb those illegally practicing architecture. Expenditure on this item will be recovered from the Architects who work with these quacks through disciplinary action against the Architects through fines.

While the biggest expenditure items are recurrent, administrative expenditure items, the Board has tried to ensure that the secretariat is comprised of as lean a staff contingent as can be afforded at this time, doing double and sometimes triple duty per person. One capital item approved for funding by the Board this year was the retreat for the Education Committee to develop guidelines and standards of training for architecture programmes in Uganda. The outcomes of this retreat shall be detailed in the report on the Education Committee. Incidental expenditure occurred in the process of investigating disciplinary cases, however the Board resolved that this kind of expenditure should be directly charged back as fines to culprits found guilty. 

Information Management System

The Board is regularly improving the ARB website by conducting upgrades on its outlook from time to time. It has been upgraded to provide more information and made it more user friendly to the users. The website now has a front end and is social media compliant.

Members have embraced the use of the online system for renewing of their subscriptions, renewing practicing certificates and for submission of return forms, which is commendable. The Board continues to engage a consultant from time to time to carry out any trouble shooting and to update the system on a regular basis. The website is also operational and regularly updated with information from the Board. The procedures for registration are clearly highlighted and an up to date list of registered members is always available for reference by the public. Members are encouraged to visit this site and leave their comments. 

Annual Audit

The annual audit for the period 1st January 2019 to December 2019 was done. A copy of the report is available for review at the secretariat. The annual audit for 1st January 2020 to December 2020 is in progress.

Committee Proposals Going Forward Administrative Costs

Staff training on basic budgeting, accounting and book keeping was proposed last year but was not done due to limited financial resources. It is important that this exercise is carried out in the next financial year. To cut down on administrative costs, especially rent, the 11th Board supports the idea of development of dedicated premises for the architectural fraternity. 

Office Inspection for 2020

Most of the firms in practice were visited by the Board this year. Short notice of the exercise was sent out late and so members were inspected even without prior payment of the office inspection fees. Those who have not cleared these fees are being reminded to do so to avoid any inconveniences. Inspections will be a continuous exercise going forward and therefore we expect that invoices for inspections shall be issued at the same time with the renewal of subscription and practicing fees. 


Some of the laws and guidelines have been uploaded on our website and copies are available at the secretariat for purchase. Following last year’s practice notes, more have been generated this year a list of practice notes have been uploaded in the Downloads section of our website. Access to standard legislative documents is open to subscribed members only, A nominal fee shall be paid for other Board publications. The secretariat shall continue to keep updating the website with relevant information.

Income from Project License Plates and CPD Events


With the anticipated gazetting of the byelaws, it will become mandatory for project license fees to be paid. This should become the significant source of revenue for the Board.

Finance And Administration Committee Reports

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