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The Board

The Board

Arch. Kiggundu Henry Robert

Arch. Kiggundu Henry Robert

Board Chairperson, Chair Disciplinary Committee
Arch. Akii MaryRose Olive

Arch. Akii MaryRose Olive

Vice Chairperson
Arch. Amunsimiire  Kenneth

Arch. Amunsimiire Kenneth

Chairman Finance And Administration Committee
Arch. Mbabazi Verna

Arch. Mbabazi Verna

Chairperson Registration And Practice Committee
Arch. Golooba Edward

Arch. Golooba Edward

Chairperson Public Relations & Market Development Committee
Arch. Kabarungi Jacintha

Arch. Kabarungi Jacintha

Chairperson Education Committee


In accordance with the Architects Registration Act Cap.269, the Board is comprised of six members who serve a two-year term. Four members were selected by the Uganda Society of Architects during their Annual General Meeting held on 06th December 2019, and two were appointed by the Minister, Lands, Housing and Urban Development (MLHUD) on 10th January 2018. Arch. Robert Henry Kiggundu and Arch. Akii Mary Rose Olive were the ministerial appointees as Chairperson and Vice Chairperson respectively.

The following are the members of the 11th Board with their respective positions  

Arch Robert Henry Kiggundu   Chairperson
Arch. Mary Rose AKii   Vice- Chairperson
Arch. Golooba Edward Kayiso   President USA
Arch. Amunsimiire Kenneth   Chair, Finance & Admin Committee
Arch Kabarungi Jacinta   Chair – Education
Arch Mbabazi M. Verna   Member

The 11th Board has held a total of six (06) statutory board meetings including a retreat to orient the new members on the functions of the Board and sub committees as scheduled this year, with quorum achieved at every meeting. A record of attendance is available at the secretariat.


As an operational strategy, and in accordance with Section 29 of the Architects Registration Act CAP 269, the 11th Board can appoint committees to deal with specific matters of the Board. The committees generate and follow up on both regulatory and administrative issues between scheduled Board meetings. Committees are expected to meet at least once a month. They assist the Registrar and her secretariat to carry out their duties, and they make reports and recommendations for approval by the Board. Each committee is chaired by a Board member. The Board Committees and their membership are renewed on an annual basis. This year they were constituted as below:

Finance and Administration 

Arch Amunisimiire Kenneth    Chairperson
Arch Turyahabwe Richard    Member

              Registration and Practice Committee

Arch Mbabazi Verna   Chairperson
Arch Edgar Muhairwe    Member
Arch Amunisimiire Kenneth    Member  

              Disciplinary Committee (Statutory)                                          

Arch. Golooba Edward Kayiso   Chairperson
Arch. Mary Rose Akii Olive   Secretary
Arch. Anguyo Oce Luke   Member
Arch. Bamwine Douglas   Member
Arch. Rubongoya Patrick   Member
Counsel Mark Ssessaazi   Lawyer


         Education Committee

Arch. Jacinta Kabarungi   Chair person
Arch. Machyo Jennifer   Member and USA Representative
Arch. Namuganyi Lillian   Member 
Arch. Jesse Tukacungura   Member


 Amendment to the Architects Registration Act

The Board has proposed immediate review of the Architect Registration Act 1996. The Ministry of Justice has also written soliciting for comprehensive amendments to existing Acts, so it is imperative that the items for review in the Architect Registration Act 1996 are exhaustive through engagement with Uganda Society of Architects.


The Board proposes the following Amendments:



Proposed provision


Revision of registration / Practicing fees for;

       a)      Local Architect

b)      Foreign Architect

c)       Temporary Registration


Use of the title “Architect, Architecture & Architectural”


Development of an Architectural Development Centre


Detailed provisions for the conduct of Professional Exams


Controls over the registration of architectural firms and Companies by the Uganda Registration Services Bureau and licensing by the Board


Registration of Allied Professionals


Augmentation of the Professional Code of Conduct to curb wrongful signature of plans, mistreatment of clients, and detailing of forms of professional misconduct.


Details on Staff of the Secretariat


Qualifications for provision of pro-bono services


More stringent measures to curb advertising architectural services


Provisions for architectural competition rules


Provisions for linkages with third parties - local authorities, police, procurement entities, etc.


Provisions for access to building sites for inspections





Board Reports

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