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The Secretariat

The Secretariat

Mr. Agaba Saimon

Mr. Agaba Saimon

Ms. Ashaba Yvonne

Ms. Ashaba Yvonne

Accounts Assistant
Ms. Idah Khanzira

Ms. Idah Khanzira

Office Attendant
Mr. Alex Birungi

Mr. Alex Birungi

Technical Inspector
Ms. Sarah Mugoya

Ms. Sarah Mugoya

Asst. Registrar Communications And Client Relations


According to Section 8 of the Architects Registration Act, The ARB Secretariat is headed by the Registrar

The Registrar.

(1) The board shall appoint a suitable person to be registrar of the board.

(2) The registrar shall be the chief executive of the board and shall be a full-time employee of the board.

(3) The registrar shall, in addition to his or her other duties specified under this Act, be the secretary to the board and in that capacity shall perform such functions as the board may assign him or her.

Registrar's Role in Issuing Certificates

The registrar shall, upon registration of a new architect, issue a registration certificate to any registered architect.

The registrar shall issue a practising certificate to every architect whose name is on the register and who applies for it on the prescribed form and pays the prescribed fee.

Notwithstanding anything in section 14, the registrar shall refuse to issue to or renew a practising certificate of any registered architect who, on the date of his or her application for the certificate, has become subject to any of the disqualifications set out in section 13 of the Architects Registration Act.

The registrar is currently being assisted by four other staff at the Board secretariat

i - Technical Inspector

ii - Office Attendant

iii - Assistant Registrar Communications & Client Relations

iv- Accounts Assistant


Register of architects

According to Section 9 of the Architects Registration Act

(1) The registrar shall keep and maintain an up-to-date register in which the name of any person entitled to have his or her name entered shall be so entered showing against that name :—

(a) the address;

(b) the date of entry;

(c) qualifications; and

(d) such other particulars as the board may, from time to time, direct.

The register of Architects shall only be inspected by request to the registrar and at a fee.

The ARB secretariat is located on this physical address:

First Floor, Kalamu House
PKF Building (Opposite Mulago Hospital)
Plot 1B Kiira Road,
P.O. Box 257930,
Kampala, Uganda.

Office is open Monday to Friday, 8am – 5pm except on weekends and designated public holidays.

Our official phone lines are:

+256 781 498823

+256 753 776231

Our Email Addresses are:,

Our Twitter handle is @ARBUganda

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Our Facebook page is Architects Registration Board Uganda

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