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ARB Project License Plate

ARB Project License Plate

The ARB Project License Plate (sticker plate) is a monitoring tool displayed on a project site signboard. It has several unique features it bears. These include:

(a)   The logo and name of the board;

(b)   QR code;

(c)   Security feature; and

(d)   Reference number.

The Project Licence Plate (Sticker plate) was introduced primarily as a monitoring tool in the one of the Board's core mandates of regulation and maintenance of standards of architecture in the country; chiefly to ensure that construction projects are supervised by qualified architects at all times. These qualified and registered professionals are answerable to the board and are subject to the code of professional conduct governing their practice to ensure they carry out their contractual duties to their clients as is expected of them professionally.

Moreover in an environment where many clients and other shady professionals are eager to cut corners mainly to cut costs, qualified architects - who are the originators of the designs of buildings - ensure that the agreed design is followed and changes, if any are necessary during the course of the project, are done in a professional manner by them and not unqualified personnel. Some clients might side-step the qualified professionals for cheaper individuals but this is unadvised and the architect is not liable in case something goes wrong.

An architect shall obtain a project licence plate from the board to be displayed on the signboard before construction work begins on the project. The project licence plate shall be displayed on the site signboard at all times during the construction of the project. The architect shall apply to the board for the project licence plate. The architect shall pay a fee to the board for the project licence plate as prescribed in the schedule below.


Foot Print Area

Amount (Uganda Shillings)

0-200 square meters

Ushs. 200,000

Above 200 square meters

Ushs. 1,000 per square meter

The maximum fee for any project lincence plate shall not exceed Uganda shillings 1,000,000

Here are some examples of different project sizes and the cost of their sticker plates:

170 sq m   ----- 200,000/=

329.3 sq m ----- 329,300/=

920 sq m ----- 920,000/=

3,200.81 sq m ---- 1,000,000/=



The board regularly monitors and inspects construction sites to ensure that minimum professional architects requirements are met including presence of the project licence plate.


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